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Credit Tips and Tricks

Updated June 25, 2012

A great deal of hard work to raise your score. It requires a lot of time and patience unfortunately. That said, there are always a few quick ways to get an initial pop in your score.

1. In general, stop using credit completely. Don't apply for any credit over two years.

2. Keep any available lines of credit including credit cards open - longer history of credit is good.

3. Review the personal information section of your credit report carefully and dispute anything that is not 100% accurate

4. Dispute items that you "may not recall" exactly...in addition to anything that you have documented proof as inaccurate. The burden of proof is on the creditor - not you. That said, too many disputes from you may trigger a fraud alert on your report - which is not what you want.

5. Don't bother disputing hard inquiries directly with any of the CRA...waste of time.

6. Dispute an item directly with the creditor...not with the CRA. I've found that the CRA's never actually research a dispute.

7. Mistakes happen all the time with creditors and how they report your credit history - more often than not a little digging will find you some welcome relief from a negative comment!