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Letter to Remove Hard Inquiries

Updated February 2, 2012

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RE: Unauthorized credit inquiry                            

VIA US CERTIFIED MAIL <certified number here> DATED <date sent here>

Dear <Name of your Creditor>,

During a recent review of my <name of the bureau(s) in which the inquiry appears> credit report, I discovered an inquiry from your company.  I do not recall authorizing you to inquire about my credit. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you must have my authorization to review my credit.  Accordingly, I would like to be sent proof that I authorized you to review my credit.  Please forward to me that proof as soon as possible.

 This inquiry is dated <Date of the Hard Inquiry Here>.

 If you are unable to provide me with proof of my authorization, please promptly remove the inquiry from my credit report and send me a written confirmation of the removal.

 Thank you for your timely reply.


 Your Full Name Here