Easy Credit Cards To Get

Ten Ways to Find Cash Now

Updated February 10, 2012

Often times when people feel themselves in a financial pinch, the first inclination is to reach for a type of credit. I’ll use my credit card to buy this item. I’ll get a cash advance on my credit card. I’ll borrow money from a family member. I’ll access my home equity line or overdraft line of credit. Credit, credit, credit. I can tell you that one thing in life that is not much fun is paying off debt – it’s always much more fulfilling to use your money for something other than paying debt.

Next time you find yourself in a bind and needing a small amount of cash to get you to your next paycheck, exhaust all of your options to raise cash instead of going after credit. It will take a little more effort, but you’ll be happier and better off in the long when since you’ll have less debt to pay off!

Here are some ways to get some short-term cash:

1. Sell your gold…dig around for old jewelry and sell it. Gold is at very high price nowadays.

2. Since you’re looking for more money, perhaps you need to evaluate your current job. Look for a higher paying job. Here is a website to post your resume -  - put one together and go for it. It never hurts to try.

3. Get an advance on your payday - technically this is getting credit, but only do it one time and pay it back right away.

4. Do you have a deposit with any of the utilities for your house/apt/condo? If so, call them and see if you can get it released.

5. Try some one-time freelance work – there is always an employer looking to pay a few hundred dollars for a certain talent or ability to work hard on something.

6. Look around your residence for anything that you are willing to part with and that has some value – even $10 or $20. Sell it on a local site such as Craigslist.org. Craigslist is great because it’s free to post an item and it can sell right away and does not have to be shipped. Sometimes you’ll have a cash buyer within 24 hours!

7. Look around for any recent purchases that remain unopened. You don’t always have to have your receipt to get cash back if you bought it at a place where you’ve got an account like a warehouse club, etc…

8. Go without for a short stretch…sometimes when you really think you’ve got to have money it’s better just to not spend money.

9. Were you recently charged overdraft fees on your bank accounts? Go into your local branch and see if you can get some or all if any recent charge waived. The worst that can happen is they say no…but many times you’ll get something back.

10. If you're looking for credit then you clearly need some more money...get your motivation on and go make some more money instead of borrowing! Click Here!

11. Consider a ONE-TIME small personal loan. Do not make a habit of this and make sure it is paid back in full and on time. Here is one:

12. Do you have a life insurance policy that has a cash value? If so, consider taking a loan against the cash value of your life insurance policy.

13. Do you have a 401k or other IRA Account? Consider an early withdrawal - this is very costly and there are tax consequences so consult your CPA first.

14. Do you own your vehicle or are you at least in a positive equity position on your vehicle? If so, sell it. If you need the money right away check Carmax or other dealers as they will pay you trade-in value and close the deal within a few hours.

15. Do you have friends? You can host a Gold Party - find a service on the internet by Google'ing "Host a Gold Party" and they will do everything for you and give you a percentage of the revenue. What happens at a gold party is your friend bring their old gold jewelry in and sell it for the current buy price of gold.

16. Do you have a vehicle? Wrap that car with an ad and make some money - Google "Wrap My Car" to find companies that will pay you to wrap advertising on your vehicle.

17. Unclaimed Money - for every state that you have lived in, check for any unclaimed money that may belong to you. I did this and found some for my wife and grandfather - you never know what you'll find! Google "Unclaimed Money" for each state separately. Try to do this on each state's government page - watch out for the many businesses that try to offer this service.

If you find yourself needing some money, it probably isn’t the first time it’s happened and you’re probably not feeling very good about it. Don’t feel down about it. Find a way to take care of your problem without using any credit. Get it done quickly. Then use this as an opportunity to make yourself or your position in life better. Rather than being upset or angry about not having enough money, use that energy in a positive fashion by envisioning how or where you’d like to be in terms of a lifestyle and make some changes in your life that will move you towards that vision.