Easy Credit Cards To Get

How To Increase Your Credit Score

Updated February 10, 2012

It is a lot of hard work to raise your score. It requires a lot of time and patience unfortunately. That said, there are always a few quick ways to get an initial pop in your score.

1. First, know your score.
2. After you have your full credit report, fully review your personal information (name, address, etc...) Anything that is not 100% true or correct needs to be disputed. Incorrect names, invalid addresses, etc...
3. If the CRA removed any of your disputed personal items then you can immediately and easily dispute any negative credit item that was related to a removed name or address.
4. Review your Hard Inquiries - go to the Sample Letters and dispute the hard inquiries.
5. Review any Collections listed on your credit report and disput them if you can
6. Pay down all of your credit card balances to zero or as much as you can. Once these are paid down, dispute the credit card balance with the CRA if you don't want to wait a full month to see an increase in your credit score.
7. Get a credit card . Make a small purchase with the card once you get it and immediately pay the card to 0 balance.
8. Only apply for one credit card and make sure it's a card that would likely be approved for your level of credit. Alternatively, apply for no credit check credit cards like this one: 9. STOP applying for credit! The more inquiries into your credit, the lower your score goes.

Utilizing these steps will nearly always yield up to a 100 point increase in your credit score depending on your other circumstances obviously.